7 Magic Ways To Nurture Your Leads On Thank You Pages

If you don’t nurture your leads on thank you pages you’re missing out! However so many people don’t.

On many websites, the thank you page is nothing more than two tiny words.

Thank you. 

Is that it???

This is your first interaction with your newly generated lead!!!

A visitor who takes action is likely to take a second action. So improving your thank you page is one of the easiest ways to improve website performance and lead them towards that second action.

When a website is working properly, and is optimised for lead generation, visitors to the site take action. They become leads, and that action is called a conversion.

What happens next is usually this:

  1. The lead’s information is created and stored in a database.
  2. They get an automated thank you email
  3. If the lead has opted in to receive further info from your company, they get dropped into an automated lead nurture sequence
  4. The lead arrives at a thank you page
  5. Google Analytics records the conversion


1. Tell Them What To Expect Next

The words “thank you” don’t really say much. Visitors linger for a second, maybe say “you’re welcome” (to no one), and leave.

Tell them when you’ll be in touch, and how you’re going to be in touch, depending on what the lead has asked for.

Maybe they’ve asked for a call back, or for a brochure to be sent. Tell them when you’re going to call, or when you’re going to post that brochure, rather than just have two little words of thank you on the page.

If they’ve asked for one of your lead magnets like a free download, tell them when to expect the email …

2. Offer To Add Them To Your Newsletter Or Weekly Email

You will have included your new GDPR compliant opt in on your opt in form anyway, but include it here too. They may not have ticked the box then, so now you’ve got a second chance.

You should take every opportunity to grow your email list.

Your lead is interested in you. This means they may subscribe for more content if you give them one more opportunity.

3. Add A Video

Video is the best way to tell your story, and helps you grow revenue 49% more than with non-video.

opportunity to heighten their interest and increase their understanding of your brand. Show them a video to deepen that connection.

4. Suggest They Follow You On Social Media

Encourage visitors to connect with you on social networks. Adding social media buttons isn’t the same as a call to action. Give people a reason to take action by telling them what they’ll gain by following your accounts.

5. Show Off Your Best Content

The thank you page doesn’t have to be the last page. Keep them around by linking to or embedding your best stuff.

This could be your most popular blog post, a video, a downloadable PDF or anything else useful.

Keep the tone personal, and focus on providing additional value.

Ask them where they want to go next, and have links to the most popular pages.

6. Show Proof And Build Trust

Build credibility.

“Social proof” gives evidence that shows you’re legitimate.

By this I mean things like testimonials, links to case studies, “as-seen-in” press mentions and industry credentials.

7. Invite Them To An Upcoming Event You’re Hosting

Whatever kind of event you’ve got coming up, whether it be in person or even a FB live, the thank you page is a great place to promote it, and show you’re new leads that you’re offering great free valuable content to your community.

 And there you have it! 7 magic ways to nurture your leads on thank you pages.

If you’ve got any questions about this, then I’d love to hear from you. Email me at kerrie@kerrieleather.co.uk, or DM me on social media.

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