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As you can imagine, I get asked loads of questions every day about marketing! It’s my absolute favourite thing to talk about, and I LOVE being able to help people. Over the last few years I’ve created various guides that do just that, and they are jam packed with my top tips. Now I’ve put them together in one handy place. So have a look through and grab whichever float your boat! Plus, I’ve also created a link to my free Facebook community, The Marketing Mojo Club, and I’d love for you to join, Kerrie x

Go straight to The Marketing Mojo Club and ask to join


I’d LOVE you to come and join us in The Marketing Mojo Club. This is my free Facebook community full of bright ambitious biz owners, where I give you top tips on everything to do with marketing. COMING SOON – guest expert training sessions!

30 ways to grow your business offline


It’s not all about online marketing you know! There are loads of ideas you can implement quickly and easily offline, and I’ve compiled a checklist of my top 30 right here.


In this free 8 page guide I talk through the four steps you need to go through to create a personal brand that sells. It’s packed full of top tips and ideas to help you get your brand out there, even if you’re a complete newbie!


Get my proven methods to help you generate new leads on auto pilot. My easy to follow checklist will help you bring new dream clients into your audience in no time.