Are You An Entrepreneur?

I’m intrigued to know the answer to this, as it’s taken me a while to feel like I can call myself an entrepreneur. And I’m pretty sure, now that I’ve done the inner work, it’s because I didn’t consider myself to be worthy of entrepreneur status.


You see I used to think that being an entrepreneur meant you had to have already ‘made it’. And what was my version of made it? Well back then it was to be making £500k profit/year, have a team, and all of the gear – the house, the car, the clothes, the jewellery, children at the best schools, travel to the world’s most amazing destinations – you get the picture right?


Hmmm, I think those of you who know me now will recognise that I’ve come a long way since then!!!


‘Cos over time I’ve realised that being an entrepreneur means SO much more than that, and can mean so much less than that too.


What do I mean by that??


Well, let me explain …


Now I think that being an entrepreneur means you’re someone who’s prepared to go the extra mile, or 100! You’re a visionary, and you can create solutions to problems that others are stuck on.


You believe in yourself, and you believe that anything is possible, and that opportunity is limitless.


I think you’re able to put yourself in the shoes of your future you, and act like you’re already there, even when you’re only at the beginning of your journey.


You know that you, and you alone, are responsible for your success, and that you get to choose your own future. In fact you know that your future is a direct result of your present.


Ooooh, and one of the real goodies …. You know you’ve gotta fail in order to succeed. Oh yes!


And by default, this means you’ve got to be courageous!


Entrepreneurs think and see things differently from everyone else. They have so many ideas, that even their loved ones start to roll eyes at them when they come up with the next big one! Anyone ever had that happen??!!!


But first and foremost, I think the number one skill of an entrepreneur is to develop and master the ability to see a future that’s better and brighter and more real than their current circumstances.


I know I’m getting there.


I’m practising it every day.


I’m flexing my entrepreneurial muscle.


What do you think? Are you there yet? Do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur?


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