Crafting Content That Creates Desire & Demand For Your Offer

I’m going to show you how you can go from doing ALL the things but getting NO results, to confidently crafting content that creates demand & desire for your offer, because everyone wants that right?!


I’ve had loads of entrepreneurs come to me with the same problem… They’re doing ALL the things, but they’re not getting the sales.


And it’s because they’re making either some, or ALL of the following mistakes:

  • They’re going straight in for the sale – not nurturing
  • They’re putting out broad content relating to everything they do – not making their content specific enough around their offer
  • They’re mostly putting out ‘how to’ content – so they’re blending in and not connecting their personality
  • They’re not bringing enough of themselves into their content – opinions, values, beliefs etc
  • They’re not making it clear what they want their audience to do – weak CTAs
  • They’re not using the content that the algorithm favours … FB; it’s lives, and Instagram; it’s lives, IGTV & Reels.

So, this is what you need to do instead:

1. Decide on your offer

It all starts here. If you want to create desire & demand for your offer then you need to make sure your content focuses on topics relevant to that offer, not just anything related to what you do. Be specific.


2. Pick content themes based on your offer (what you’re selling), but then to make that relatable.

Go deep into your dream client’s mind to discover their feelings around these topics. List out what they’re thinking, feeling, hearing, seeing, saying & doing in relation to each topic. In my program Love Going Live, we go deep into this. This is what gets you creating content that means people message you saying “Oh my word Kerrie, you’re right inside my head. That’s exactly what I was thinking/that’s exactly what I need!”


3. Your offer – benefits, NOT features

Where they are now – where they want to be – show them your offer gets them there – testimonials & case studies, client results, client messages.


4. Make sure you show up as you

Whether you’re a service business or a product business, people buy from people. Share your hobbies, share your interests, share your values and beliefs, talk about what you stand for and what you stand against. Share your mission and your purpose. Give people something to rally behind. 


5. Use CTA’s

Give clear instructions on what action you want people to take – download my freebie, book a free call, email me, send me a DM.


6. Engage with everyone who engages with you! Nurture, nurture, nurture.

This is all about building relationships. Rarely will you make a sale to someone who doesn’t know you/you haven’t built a relationship with. Use your email software to see who’s opening your emails and clicking on your links, and make sure you’re following them, commenting on their content etc.


7. Create content the algorithm favours: 

Go live! – this is one of the absolute best ways of connecting with your dream clients in terms of building a relationship with them:

  • Much bigger engagement and reach
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Watching you live makes them feel like they know you
  • No one expects lives to be perfect – especially after lockdown


Have I got the perfect thing for you to help market your business using livestreams? You bet!

I’ve created a FREE checklist which has everything you need to help you Love Going Live!


And that’s how you can be crafting content that creates demand & desire for your offer.

Any questions?

Email me at, or DM me on social media ❤️