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If you’re a DIY business owner who’s tired of bouncing between courses, coaches and memberships, and you just want a bespoke sales/marketing strategy, and a fully-functioning sales funnel that generates cash…

…without having to pay through the nose for ‘luxury holiday’ masterminds or iffy service providers, this Done With You intensive may be just what you’ve been looking for.

*WARNING* This isn’t about making friends. It’s about making you money.

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You’ve done what you’re ‘supposed to do’. The marketing courses. The masterminds. You’ve even hired people to do it for you but felt you could have done better yourself. And you’re still at square 1, right? Things didn’t really change after those investments. Then shiny object syndrome kicks and the cycle continues.

There’s no high converting sales funnel built to grow your audience and bring in leads. Your copywriting and marketing knowledge is based on theory, which who knows if you’re doing right? It’s tough.

Wouldn’t it be easier to stop fannying around and finally get this nailed? To say,

“Right, fuck it, I’m getting this shit sorted in one go.”

To enjoy results and growth.

To be able to relax at the end of those 5 months knowing it’s done and generating consistent revenue. That means you can spend weekends celebrating with the family instead of feeling stuck, wondering what to do next.

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We’ll be blunt with you. This isn’t for the fainthearted. Nor is it designed for newbies or the easily distracted.

This 5-month intensive Done With You program is for the serious business owner who is prepared to do the work but who needs guidance through how to do it properly. ‘Cos let’s be honest, copywriting and marketing aren’t skills you’re born with.

Look – we put this together because we noticed a gap in the market. There are endless courses out there teaching blind theory, which quite frankly, is impossible to know if you’re doing right. We’ve seen the same with masterminds. Great for networking and ideas. Not so good for finishing up with something that’s fully functional and generating cash.

That’s why we partnered up to hold your hand through creating your sales/launch/evergreen funnel, from the superior research all the way through to pressing “Go”. From nose to tail. And, while this is much more about getting the work done right than making friends, be prepared for a healthy serving of northern banter, southern sharp wit and a natural chemistry that makes the process as enjoyable as it is challenging.

But that’s just the start of it…

So, jump on the waitlist. We can’t wait to tell you more soon.

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