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Imagine If ...


You could find a way of creating marketing you love.

What would business be like for you?

The Marketing Mojo® Mentoring Club is going to help you find YOUR Marketing Mojo®.

We’re going to find one way of marketing that works for you. That harnesses your unique gifts & talents, so you create marketing that feels as easy as having conversations with friends.

And I’m going to be help & support you every step of the way.


I’ve been right where you are now.

Overwhelmed with ALL of the marketing choices out there. Not knowing where to start.

Fed up with hearing conflicting advice as you move from one free group to another hoping to find the holy grail.

Frustrated it appears the only way to get decent coaching is to sell your granny to raise funds to buy a seat at the high ticket coaching table!!

Just wishing so hard you had someone’s brain you could pick when you needed to.

Someone you could trust.

Someone who could get to know you and your business, so the advice & support they offered would be bespoke to you, and none of this cookie cutter nonsense – or worse still this ‘just do what I did to grow my biz’ rubbish!

I see you, and I hear you.

And I think I’ve got just the thing for you …


The Marketing Mojo® Mentoring Club is a high vibe community, where you get all of the coaching & support you need to create marketing that both you, and your dream clients, will LOVE.

It combines my unique methodologies with community, coaching, mentoring and consultancy. PLUS you get access to optional extra ‘done for you’ packages to help & support you as you grow and scale your business.

It’s NOT a content led membership. If you’re looking for every ‘how to’ marketing training under the sun then you’re in the wrong place. There are plenty of low cost brilliant memberships that already exist for that.

Instead, we focus on my three core pillars – the Marketing Mojo® Method, my Conversations With Friends Approach, and Rip Up The Rule Book Formula – helping you create marketing you love, with ease and flow.

You will, at long last, be able to get strategic help when you need it, that won’t cost the earth OR require you to spend hours of your life watching training videos!


I know that now, more than ever, you need solutions, and support.

MORE coaching, MORE mentoring, and for LESS money.

So I’ve kept the cost at £57 even though it was due to go up, increased the discount for members to work with me 1:1 from 30% to 50%, and I’ve committed to going ALL IN to this new way of working, to help you as much as possible.

And brand new for Jan 2021 is an exciting deeper experience … Mojo BOOST … for those looking for a mastermind experience and more time with me.


Marketing is in my blood. My Dad was a designer and printer, and I grew up with brand creation, and storytelling through print media.

I believe that when you’re doing your own marketing for your business, you need to find just ONE thing to focus on and do that consistently for at least 90 days. I DO NOT believe that you should be doing ALL the marketing things. There, I said it.

I started my business not long after a very tricky divorce, when my confidence was at an all time low. I remember what this felt like very clearly. I’m telling you this because I’m very aware as a mentor and coach that sometimes you’ll need support that’s not just marketing related, and that’s more than OK. 

I’ve got twenty one years marketing experience under my belt, working for agencies and in-house, for just about every size biz in every sector you can think of. I’ve managed marketing budgets for one woman bands to multi million pound corporates, so no matter what you do or where you are in your biz, I’m confident I can help you.



1 x monthly marketing masterclass held online. Expert trainings to help you understand the core fundamentals of marketing. They will stem from my three core pillars – the Marketing Mojo® Method, my Conversations With Friends Approach, and Rip Up The Rule Book Formula – helping you create marketing you love, with ease and flow. ★


1 x monthly guest masterclass held online. Expert trainings carefully curated by me to support you in finding and keeping your Mojo! ★


8 x weekly group coaching calls. You’ll get access to my 21 years of marketing experience every week. This hybrid of coaching, mentorship & consultancy will mean you’ll never get stuck – it’ll feel like having a meeting with your very own Marketing Director each week! ★


★ This is the place to make Business Friends Forever, and mastermind away and support each other online until your heart’s content. I’ll be in here too, as will my team, to answer any questions that crop up between our weekly calls. ★


2 x 2 hr live online co-working sessions. We’ll use Zoom to all get together, commit to the tasks we are going to complete during the session, and hold each other accountable. We’ll focus on taking action, and I’ll be available for quick fire questions at the beginning, middle and end. ★


2 x 1 hr online lunch & chat socials. ‘Cos being a business owner can be lonely, and we’re all about getting together over lunch to hang out and have a laugh! ★


★ We’ll have weekly goal setting and accountability threads in the group, with a mid-week check-in, and I will personally keep an eye on these to make sure you’re doing the work, if you want me to. I appreciate that not everyone needs this level of support, but some of us do, and I’d like to be able to take good care of you and give you whatever you need to succeed.


  • ★ A whopping 50% off my 1:1 services – because once you’re in the MMMC you’re part of my biz family! ★
  • ★ A ginormous 50% off live event tickets ★
  • ★ Members only ‘done for you’ offers & packages ★
  • ★ Plus some extra surprises thrown in along the way! ★


STILL ONLY £57/month 

Cancel any time

You’re locked in to your joining rate forever, so even when the price increases, yours stays the *same.

*unless you cancel, and wish to re-join, as then you’ll pay whatever the rate is at time of rejoining.


“Working with Kerrie has been a complete game changer for me as a business owner and for my business!”

Sarah Shearman

So when the opportunity arose to work with her in her Marketing Mojo® Membership, I knew I’d be a fool not to take it. And I was right! She really knows her sh*t! Her straight talking, honest but warm and wonderful approach is exactly what me and my business needed. I genuinely couldn’t recommend her more. She’s ace!

Christine Kavanagh

Kerrie is a breathe of fresh air! She injects positivity into your every project wising you up to the world of marketing and reminding us all it is the crux of our business decisions. Understanding our target audience and using the language to reflect it. Her mojo group is fabulous and I can’t recommend it enough to all my clients.

Mel Matthews

“So much support, fun & Kerrie goes above and beyond!”

Natalie Meyer

“Kerrie is a fantastic marketing mentor and she will help you on every single level!”

Charlotte Carter



If I haven’t answered your questions here, hit the live chat button on the bottom right corner of this page, and I’ll get back to you.


Q: Does it matter if I can’t make all the live calls and sessions?

A: No, not at all! This is a membership, not a course or program, so you can dip in and out when you like.

Also, the calls and sessions will be run at different times, to make sure those who are home schooling children in the day can also make some of the lives.


Q: Can I cancel any time?

A: Yes. In uncertain times like this it’s important you know cancellations are easy. We don’t make it complicated, and you’re not tied into a contract.


Q: Does it matter if I really don’t enjoy marketing?

A: Ha! You won’t be feeling like that for very long I can assure you.


Q: Do I need to be good at tech?

A: We’ll make sure you’re confident with the level of tech that you need for your bespoke marketing.


Q: I’m finding it hard to feel motivated right now. Is that OK?

A: Yes! And you’re not alone. This community is going to be a high vibe, safe place for you to hang out and we’ll do our best to raise your spirits & help you find your Marketing Mojo®


Q: I never know where to start with marketing and feel so overwhelmed. What’s different about the way you teach that will stop be feeling like this?

A: I believe that you only need to do ONE kind of marketing, that uses your unique gifts & talents. So you know exactly what to do, and don’t feel overwhelmed.


Q: Can I get a refund if I decide I don’t want to be a member after joining?

A: Because this is a monthly membership, you only need to join for one month, so you won’t be tied into a contract. It’s like Netflix – you get to try it for a month, and if you don’t like it you don’t have to stay. But you don’t get a refund.


Q: Can men and women join The Marketing Mojo® Mentoring Club?

A: Absolutely! 


Q: Does the price include VAT?

A: Yes! 


Q: Is this only suitable for established business owners?

A: Nope! As it’s focused on coaching, mentoring & consultancy, plus has done for your services as optional extras, it’s brilliant for both growing and established businesses


Q: Can service and product businesses join?

A: Yes, everyone is welcome!