Active Campaign

I LOVE Active Campaign. It’s absolutely brilliant for building forms, creating email campaigns and automations, and the CRM functionality and task setting is just amazing Plus you get brilliant 1:1 on-boarding calls and support, and live chat. It also has the option of installing a live chat function on your website that links with everything… Read more »

Acuity Scheduling

If you’re looking for an online calendar that will sync with everything, and making booking in client work easy peasy, then get Acuity set up ASAP.

Logitech Webcam

I’d never used a webcam before I had this one, and I got it set up and running really quickly! So if I can, I promise you can too! This makes either live or recorded video look so professional, with superior camera quality, and zoom functionality so you can get the perfect shot in view…. Read more »


I don’t honestly know how I’d run my business without Asana. I use it to run all of my projects for my own business as well as clients, and it enables me to work seamlessly with a remote team, in different countries and time zones.

Yeti Microphone

Because I’ve got a MacBook Pro I thought the sound quality would be good enough for live streams and it was OK, but the sound using the Yeti Mic is off the scale! It minimises all background noise and makes all recordings and live streams sound so professional. Plus it make me feel like a… Read more »

Ring Light

My ring light is an essential piece of kit that I use every time I live stream or record a video of myself. My office is at home and we live in a really old house with low ceilings and the light is really uneven. The ring light helps to evenly distribute light and minimise… Read more »


I started using Canva about five years ago, when I had never used any kind of design software, and needed an idiot proof solution! Now I use it every day, and it’s essential for anyone running a business that wants to do any kind of marketing. The pro version is worth every penny as you… Read more »


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your website, membership, courses, programs, email marketing, landing pages etc. then Kajabi is for you! It is soooo easy to use, and the live chat support is second to none!


One of the BEST feelings in the world is having your content scheduled in advance, and Later makes this super easy for Instagram. It has a whole heap of features that other Insta schedulers don’t, and my favourite is the hashtag catalogue – it saves sooo much time!


This is a screen and voice recording software. Again, I use Loom almost every day. It is such an amazing way to brief my team, and give feedback to clients.