Turn One Live Into 13 Pieces Of Content

Are you currently using lives to market your business?

What’s stopping you from going live??

Stay tuned to find out how to turn one live into 13 pieces of content!


I LOVE lives because…

  • You build a deeper connection through real-time conversations⁠
  • You can turn your live into 13 pieces of content⁠
  • They’re super quick to create – no copy or graphics!⁠
  • Viewers get to experience you live so get to know you know & make transition to sale more quickly⁠
  • You can make sure your personality shines through ⁠
  • Viewers can engage with each other as well as with you, which builds a strong community feel⁠
  • You can bring on guests – this is so much fun, & helps you reach a wider audience⁠
  • The algorithm favours lives more than pre-recorded video or static images, so you reach more people⁠
  • You get wayyyy more engagement than pre-recorded video⁠


Here are some stats around going live…

  • 10 x more engagement than video
  • Views have quadrupled in the last year
  • Receive 165% more comments than on-demand videos 
  • Top performing FB live videos 15-20 mins long
  • Facebook users spend 10-20 times longer watching lives v pre-uploaded videos
  • Only 3% of businesses share live video daily, 5% several times a week & 12% share weekly
  • 74% of Facebook users are high income earners (over $75,000)

… Linkedin only 49% make that or more

Sources: Forrester, Cisco, Wowza, BuzzSumo

But one of the really cool things about doing a livestream is that you can actually turn it into 13 pieces of content!

1. The actual live

2. Create a post to watch the replay

3. Upload to IGTV

4. Share a preview of the IGTV on the grid

5. Upload to YouTube

6. Create an email summary & link to live

7. Write a blog post summarising key points & embed live

8. Create social media posts from the live content

9. Add it into a course/program 

10.Turn into freebie mini-training

11. Add to website – my videos page

12. Create podcast from audio 

13. Turn into an ad

And there you have it!


BUT… I didn’t always love going live… In fact, it used to freak me the hell out!

Until I sorted myself out. By spending a couple of years getting ALL of the info together that I needed to get me to a point where I now Love Going Live!

So if this is ringing any bells and sounding a tad familiar, you’re gonna love my new freebie, the Love Going Live Checklist!

It’s got everything you need to help you to Love Going Live!


If you’ve got any questions about this, then I’d love to hear from you. Email me at kerrie@kerrieleather.co.uk.

If you’d like to watch the live training then click here.