Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

Optimising your website into a lead generation machine is a no-brainer. But it’s not as simple as throwing a “click here” button on your home page and watching the leads pour in. (Unfortunately.) Instead, marketers and designers need to take a more strategic approach. But before we dive into the 10 top tips, here’s some website stats to get you thinking …

OK, so without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top 10 tips to turn your website into a client creation machine:

1. Post A Lead Generation Focussed Call To Action (CTA) On Every Page Of Your Website.

This can take many forms such as: free download (e.g. checklist, workbook, brochure, video), connect on social, blog/newsletter subscription, join a Facebook group, request a call back.

All these CTA’s are a way for you to collect someone’s data and then engage with them in future. It’s really important that your CTA’s are highly targeted to your ideal customers needs, so that you’re only generating leads of people you really want to work with.

You also need to make sure that the forms that accompany your CTAs are easy to fill in and have the minimum number of fields to complete, in order to increase your chances of people giving you their valuable personal information. Conversion expert Tim Ash recommends keeping forms to only the essentials. How many times have you been about to subscribe to something, and then see a load of fields that you have to fill in? Doesn’t it put you off? I’ve definitely left a website because I’ve been put off by the form (and DON’T even get me started on pop-ups!!!). It’s important to respect your visitors, so don’t ask for too much info in a form … if you’re running a good lead nurturing system you’ll have more opportunities in the future to find out more about them.

You should always be asking your customers questions to get their feedback. Understanding your customer’s heaven and hell, and what they really need, is the best information to help you design a website that creates your ideal clients 

2. Nurture Your Leads

Remember: No lead is going to magically turn into a customer. Leads are only as good as your nurturing efforts. And no, this isn’t a bad thing. The last thing you want is a high number of leads that are actually low quality.

Place leads into a workflow once they fill out a form on your landing page so they don’t forget about you, and deliver them valuable content that matches their interest.  Lead nurturing should start with relevant follow up emails that include great content. As you nurture them, learn as much as you can about them and then tailor all future sends accordingly. 

3. Test, Test And Test Again

I can’t stress this part of the process enough. Something as simple as testing out the wording of your CTA, the layout of your landing page, headlines, or the images you’re using can have a huge increase on Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions. 

4. Add Photos And Testimonials For Greater Credibility

Testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool, but adding photos or even rich media such as video or audio can take them a step further. Testimonials can have a powerful impact and lend support to your offer. 

5. Make Your Videos Speak to the User

Online videos greatly increase conversion rates for a wide range of industries — particularly e-commerce websites. The highest performing videos speak to the user rather than at them. Online users who view a product video are much more likely to convert over users who simply view an ad. Equally, if you have a complex service, or an incredibly high value product, video can be a great way of explaining what you do, and also conveying personality and increasing trust. 

6. Use Magic Marketing Words When Describing Your Offer

Choose your words wisely. Language can really help create connections between you and your audience, and compel them to take action. Working out which are the best words to use for your particular business can take a bit of time, and of course the best way to be sure is to test them. Here’s a list of 30 magic marketing words to get you started. Also focus on action verbs such as “get”, “feel” and “have” which are more likely to drive action because of their active tone, as opposed to “imagine having”, “imagine feeling” and so on. Using action words makes it easier for your audience to feel like they are receiving the benefits as opposed to just imagining them 

7. Make Sure You Have a Well Designed Website

Invest in the best possible website you can afford, and make sure you make the page’s purpose clear up front so that the designer can tailor it to generating leads rather than looking nice or having all the bells and whistles. Having a well designed site also increases trust and customer confidence levels when shopping online. 

8. Design Your Website With Your Lead Generation Objectives In Mind

When it comes to lead generation, begin with your objectives in mind. What exactly does a “lead” mean to you? Is a lead considered someone who fills out a form? Someone who signs up for a newsletter? Requests a call back? This will help you set your conversion goals and measure and adjust accordingly.

Also focus on creating a site that is completely tailored to your ideal client. Really get inside their minds and design a site that answers all their questions, and provides solutions to all their problems. A site that makes then shout ‘Alleluia, you are the answer to my prayers!!!’

9. Make Good Use of Whitespace

Whitespace (also known as negative space) in web design can make a big impact. Instead of filling up all the space on your page, give your content, photos and call to action buttons some breathing room. Don’t just add something for the sake of it – it’s only going to be distracting to your visitors, which could have a damaging effect on conversion rates.

10. Make Your Unique Value Proposition(s) Clear

Visitors should clearly see on your homepage or landing page why they should do business with you and the benefit of it. They need to understand very quickly how you’re going to help them move from hell to heaven.

So there you have it! My top 10 tips checklist to turn your website into a lead generation machine.

If there’s anything on here you don’t understand, or would like help with, whether it be how to find out exactly what your ideal clients are looking for help with, how to create an automated lead nurture sequence, how to describe your offer so your audience just have to have it, how to define your ideal client, how to define your Unique Value Proposition (UVP), and so much MORE, then my Marketing Mojo® Power Hour could be just what you need. GO HERE to find out more about it.